KPM® certification (Spring session (English language Part 2)

Between 25 May 2021 and 26 May 2021 Atelier experts KPM

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KPM® and the Drama Triangle

The KPM® 4+1 day online training is a worldwide exclusivity

Come discover the full model and toolbox invented by Dr. Steven Karpman and be certified by the great man himself!

Karpman Model?

Everyone knows about it, a lot of people talk about, only a few know it as it is:  the Karpman Triangle.
Often called « Drama Triangle », here is a powerful tool describing the three roles we all play in dramas, conflicts, misunderstandings: Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim.
The worldwide famous Karpman Triangle is barely known only for theses three roles our when in reality the concept is so much more than that.Come discover the Triangle model and the full set of tools invented by Dr Steven Karpman. Come and learn through practice how to prevent, avoid, and monitor psychological games and drama. Add to this, a bit of fun doing it and we are set!

This four day practice training is facilitated by Jérôme Lefeuvre, KPM Certifying Master Trainer.
No specific requirements – Come as you are !
And if you are a coach or a trainer and wish to become KPM certified an extra day is organised for that purpose.

KPM 2021 Agenda

KPM Certification with Jérôme Lefeuvre
1 650€ + 400 € for certification (+taxes)

2 + 2 days + 1 certification day  – (35 hours)

Spring Session   : April 28, 29 + Mai 25, 26 / / certif option June 15
Fall Session     : October 7, 8  + October  25,26 / option certif November 26

KPM  Certification  Package  includes :

  • 4 day training (distancial format) plus one day for certification.
  • All video recordings of training sessions.
  • Full documentation used during training
  • Your certification diploma signed by Dr Karpman and Jérôme Lefeuvre

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